musical instrument manufacturer in Ireland

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Martin Doyle Flutes

Martin Doyle is an Irish flute maker whose simple system wooden flutes are renowned for their ease of playing and quality of tone.

Killarney Harps

Glenview Drive 12, Killarney, Ireland

Quality Irish Made Harps. ... Handcrafted with exquisite attention to detail each Killarney Harp is perfected to create a crisp clear sound every time you play.

Savins Music Centre

O'Connell Street 111, Limerick, Ireland

Savins Music Centre Est. 1959 is the leading stockist of Audio Video products Sheet Music and Musical Instruments in Ireland.

Irish Harps

M.Melley Percussion

M.Melley Percussion Custom made cajons Stompboxes and percussion instruments made in wicklow Ireland. We produce a standard range of cajon and also produce custom made cajons built to order. All …

All About Accordions

Button Accordions Piano Accordions. Paolo Soprani Serenellini Castagnari Handcrafted Accordions. Irish Accordions ** Worldwide Shipping!

Doyle since 1896

Dominick Street Lower 38, Galway, Ireland
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