Nordicare Leather Soap

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Nordicare Leather Soap

  • Highly effective blend of natural cleaners compatible with all types of leather
  • It will deep clean the leather, it will remove stains and restore the original look
  • A ready to use formula that does not require dilution or multiple cleaning jobs
  • It can be used for deep cleaning leather sofas, upholstery, seats, covers, etc
  • A PH neutral leather cleaning detergent suitable for high end car seat cleaning
  • It leaves the leather surface spotless, degreased and ready for waxing | polish
  • A professional quality leather cleaner suitable for commercial & residential use
  • The product is slightly deodorized, non glazing and it does not affect the finish
  • A proper leather cleaning detergent for all those very sensitive leather surfaces

Nordicare Leather Soap | Why Use It

Many people, professionals included, cause damage to highly sensitive leather surfaces because they use high PH or acidic cleaning products to deep clean or maintain the leather surface. Avoid such issues by using the amazing Nordicare Leather Soap. A professional leather cleaning and leather maintenance product from Nordicare. The product will gently remove all kinds of impregnated dirt, food residue, black marks and pet odours to prepare the leather surface for waxing. The new Nordicare Leather Soap contains a blend of organic oils to clean, maintain and restore all types of leather surfaces. The safest way to deep clean and maintain leather surfaces.

Nordicare Leather Soap | Where To Use It

Use the amazing Nordicare Leather Soap to deep clean, restore and maintain all types of “polished leather” surfaces. You can deep clean and maintain leather sofas, leather upholstery, leather seats, leather car seats, leather covers, leather furniture and other types of leather surfaces. The product is suitable for indoor leather polishing projects only. A ready to use formula that does not require any kind of mixing or diluting.

Nordicare Leather Soap | How To Use It

Make sure that the leather surface is residue free and dust free. Vacuum the leather surface with the special brush attachment for your standard vacuum cleaner. Prepare a clean microfiber cloth and you are ready to go. Pour a bit of the new Nordicare Leather Soap directly onto the leather and start scrubbing the leather surface while moving in slow circular motions. Make sure to cover the whole leather surface. The dirt from the leather surface will transfer to the microfiber cloth and the leather will feel clean and non sticky. Do not over-soak the leather surface to avoid wasting the product and having long drying times.

Nordicare Leather Soap | Recommendations

Do not dilute the product and do not mix up the new Nordicare Leather Soap with any other types of soap leather cleaners to avoid reactions. Do not use it on suede or on any type of unpolished leather surface. Do not forget to lightly scrub the surface after the initial application. This product is not a wax or a leather polish. Do not apply on leather surfaces that are in direct sunlight. Keep it away from children.

Nordicare Leather Soap