Nordicare Leather Cream

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Nordicare Leather Cream

The difference between a properly maintained leather surface and a leather surface allowed to dry out and become inflexible, is amazing. While the polished surface feels soft, elastic and pleasant when touched, the untreated leather surface feels like sand paper, rough, inflexible and not a pleasure to use. There is no need for all these bad things to happen to your leather sofa or whatever other type of leather surface you might own. There is a simple solution, there is a cheap solution and there is a cost effective solution. Check out the outstanding Nordicare Leather Cream and sort out the condition of all your leather items in no time. The product is manufactured by Nordicare, one of Europe's most well known brands of eco-friendly and organic products.

  • A ready to use highly effective leather polishing cream and leather restorer
  • A blend of natural and eco-friendly leather enhancers and leather protectors
  • A very easy to use, affordable and highly recommended leather care product
  • A natural looking, non glazing, non glossy leather wax and eco leather polish

Nordicare Leather Cream | Where To Use

The outstanding Nordicare Leather Cream is a universal leather cream and leather polish compatible with all polished leather surfaces. The product is suitable for enriching the leather surface, for softening the leather surface and for sealing and protecting the leather surface. The new Nordicare Leather Cream can be successfully used to seal and polish all types of leather sofas, leather car seats, leather furniture, leather covers, leather toys and whatever other types of leather surfaces you might own. A professional leather cream highly recommended for the trades but also for DIY use. One of the very few leather creams recommended for high end car seats and generally for the executive car valeting trade.

Nordicare Leather Cream | How To Use

To be applied to a leather surface that was deep cleaned, degreased (if needed) and dust free. A leather cream cannot repair deep scratches or patches of burned or discolored leather surfaces, but it can nourish the leather, it can waterproof and stain proof the leather and it can make the leather softer and less likely to crack. Assuming that the leather surface is prepared as recommended, the user can proceed to the polishing:

  1. Apply a tiny amount of the new Nordicare Leather Cream directly onto the leather surface
  2. Spread it evenly in a thin coat all over the leather surface to create a wet look finish
  3. Allow direct contact with the leather for about 10 minutes before proceeding to polishing it
  4. 10 minutes later proceed to the burnishing with a clean microfiber cloth or a sponge
  5. Buff the leather in fast circular motions until the leather surface looks polished and sealed

Nordicare Leather Cream | Recommendations

Do not apply the new Nordicare Leather Cream while the leather is exposed to direct sunlight. Do not not use tough scourers ro scrub the leather and do not apply over dirty or wet leather surfaces. Do not forget to buff the leather after the initial application. Do not mix up the new Nordicare Leather Cream with any other types of protectors or leather waxes to avoid causing reactions. Do not dilute the product. While the new Nordicare Leather Cream is food safe and pet safe, do not apply it on the area where the food is likely to be served or cooked. Store it away from children and direct sunlight.

Nordicare Leather Cream