​Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit

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Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit

  • Top quality leather cleaning kit compatible with all leather surfaces
  • Suitable for deep cleaning, stain removal and waxing of all leather
  • It can be used to wax leather sofas, jackets, bags, seats, chairs
  • It contains a blend of organic oils for softening and sealing leather
  • Suitable for all kinds of residential and commercial leather cleaning
  • A small bottle of the conditioner will restore up to 5 x 3 seat sofas
  • To be applied with a microfiber cloth and buffed in circular movements
  • The cleaner is highly efficient while very gentle on the leather glazing
  • The ideal kit for deep cleaning and restoring car seats and upholstery
  • It can be used to clean, soften up, re-oil and restore leather surfaces

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit | Why Use It

Buying the kit makes a lot of financial sense. By purchasing the whole kit, the user will have the cleaner + the wax. The new Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit is not just another leather cleaning kit but is one of the most popular leather cleaning kits in the whole world. The product is 100% eco-friendly and it can be used for deep cleaning, maintaining and restoring all kinds of polished leather surfaces. The leather soap is very gentle on the leather itself but highly aggressive on the dirt. The wax will restore the leathers elasticity, it will stain proof and waterproof the leather and it will create a beautiful natural sheen. A surface polished with the new Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit will look elegant, it will feel soft and it will last for much longer.

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit | Where To Use It

The new Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit is a professional leather cleaning kit suitable for all kinds of residential use and for commercial use. It can be used for deep cleaning and waxing of all types of polished leather car seats, leather sofas, leather upholstery, leather bags, leather shoes, leather phone & laptop covers and all other types of leather surfaces. The product does not alter the original sheen level of the surface and it does not create an artificial glazing. The new Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit is highly recommended to all professional sofa cleaning and car valeting contractors. It is easy to use, 100% safe and highly affordable.

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit | How To Use It

Make sure that the leather surface is residue free and large dirt particles free. Apply some of the Nordicare Soap Cleaner directly onto the leather surface and spread it evenly with a clean microfiber cloth. Scrub the surface in slow circular movements until the dirt from the leather surface has transferred to the cloth. If the dirt is still visible, go over one more time.

After the leather has dried in full, you can start waxing it. Apply a few drops of the new Nordicare Leather Cream and spread it evenly with a clean microfiber cloth. Apply a thin coat of the product without over soaking the leather. Allow it to penetrate and dry for about 10 minutes and then proceed to the polishing. Use a clean and dry microfiber cloth to speed buff the whole leather surface in circular motions. The sheen will appear after one go. No need to do anything else for a few weeks. Re-polish the leather within 1 month.

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit | Recommendations

Do not use the new Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit to clean or polish wet or greasy leather surfaces. Do not over soak the leather and do not forget to buff the cream after the initial application. Do not use the Nordicare Leather Cream on a daily basis. Do not mix up the products with any other cleaners and do not apply the products over any other surfaces than leather.

Nordicare Leather Cleaning Kit