​Dirtbusters Stove Polish

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Dirtbusters Stove Polish

  • One of the very few stove polishes that actually provides amazing results
  • Restores a soft sheen black on all types of stoves and fire surroundings
  • A non toxic formula | High coverage | The stove can be put on straight away
  • A non smoking formula that covers rust marks, burns, blemish & patches
  • It can also be used on fireplaces, gas hob rings, cast iron pan supports, etc
  • Highly appreciated and recommended by many professional stove installers
  • Suitable for commercial, industrial and residential stove restoration projects
  • It does not peel, it does not change colour in contact with heat & is odour free
  • Deep clean the surface with the Dirtbusters Stove Spray before polishing it
  • No fancy tools required to apply this professional stove polish from Dirtbusters

Dirtbusters Stove Polish | Why Use It

All that heat and direct contact with wood, spills, coal, etc can damage the black finish on your stove. In most cases the damage is only surface imperfection that can be easily sorted by a proper quality stove polish. The new Dirtbusters Stove Polish is exactly what you need. A non toxic, rich black colour & easy to apply stove polish. It restores the colour of the stove without having to hire a professional contractor. The product looks amazing, it dries in seconds and the stove can be used straight away. One of the most efficient and cost effective stove polishes ever.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish | Where To Use It

Unlike other types of stove polishes, the new Dirtbusters Stove Polish is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. The fact that the product is 100% fume free and non toxic, makes it the ideal product for indoor stoves or stoves fitted in rooms with little ventilation. Use the outstanding Dirtbusters Stove Polish to restore all kinds of black stoves, iron burners, fireplaces, surroundings, gas hobs, BBQs, etc. It restores most surfaces in one coat only. More coats are possible but not necessary in most cases.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish | How To Use It

The new Dirtbusters Stove Polish can only be applied to a clean and dry surface. So before applying the polish to the stove, have it deep cleaned with the amazing Dirtbusters Stove Cleaner to remove all kinds of residue, exfoliation, mineral marks, rust and other types of residue. The product can be applied with a good quality brush, a cloth or some kind of applicator. Apply a thin coat and spread it evenly. No product puddles or excess should be left on it. If after the first coat the imperfections are still visible, then apply a second coat. You can put the stove on within a few minutes after the last application.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish | Recommendation

Do not apply the new Dirtbusters Stove Polish to a wet or very dirty stove surface. Do not over apply the product to avoid drips on the floor. Do not mix up the product with any type of other stove polishes from different brands. Do not dilute the product. Wear a pair of gloves to avoid staining your skin. Do not polish your stove every day.

Dirtbusters Stove Polish