Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler

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Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler

  • Single component polyurethane-based hollow gap filler from Bona
  • Perfect for filling up hollow spots and for reattaching floor boards
  • To be injected beneath the floor to fill up the hollow spaces & gaps
  • It will produce a thick foam that will harden up fast & reattach floors
  • Low odour, quick drying, highly effective, very affordable solution
  • Suitable for commercial floor repairs & also residential floor repairs
  • Can be used on concrete and screed substrate, 0.530 ML bottle

Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler – Where to use

Hollow spots beneath the floorboards can create a lot of noise while using the floor and in some cases, where the gaps are larger, it can even create uneven surfaces on the floor. Lifting up the whole floor just to repair a small hollow gap is not economical at all so something had to be invented. Bona came up with the amazing Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler. A quick and highly effective solution for all small, medium and large hollow gaps. Just inject the Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler beneath the floorboard using a syringe or some kind of applicator, do not overfill, allow 4-6 hours to dry and your issue is sorted. The foam will not over expand and it will not lift up the floor. Bona R200 Hollow Gap Filler can also be used for reattaching loose floorboards and parquet floors.

Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler – How to use

Drill a small hole around the affected area and use the special applicator that comes with the bottle to inject as much product as you can right beneath the affected area. You can also use a syringe if you do not want to drill holes in your floors. Apply enough gap filler until the whole area is filled up and there is no more space left. Allow some time to dry before using the floor. It really is that easy to use the new Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler. The same product can be used to reattach loose floorboards and parquet floors. A proper quality hollow gap filler suitable for commercial and domestic floor repairing services.

Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler is not toxic, it will not release fumes and it can be safely used by domestic people also. The easiest and fastest way of repairing hollow gaps

Bona R200 Hallow Gap Filler